Michael J. Metzger

"New antique shop in Waynesboro, lots of unique items from furniture to pictures and different holiday items. The shop is also filled with home decor, old tools and other collectibles as well. I spoke with the owner while visiting the shop and he assures me that there items change all the time. He said as they buy more estate's and sell current stock and make more space the items they aquire will be placed on the floor. I especially enjoyed looking at all of the lighting fixtures and lamps that they have in the shop and will be back to see what new items he brings in."

Linda Caricofe

"I like this place. Lots of parking and it's one floor. Handicap accessible. You will find fabulous furniture here, not the usual furniture, instead , wonderful unique furniture for just about any decor. Long tables in a row filled with dishes, porcelain, clocks and more. Antiques to vintage. I think this place merits the term, fabulous finds. Not a flea market, not a five and dime place ...not quite high end either, Instead it's a nice mix of things to enjoy for a treasure hunt. It is clean and the owners are very very nice. Not for the bargain hunter, instead, it's for those who know how to spend well for something to cherish and enjoy."

Chris Mills

"A bunch of cool stuff "

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